At first, I was angry that they had hacked Sarah Palin's email account.

The details are here, here, here and here: they did it yesterday, apparently. And this angered me, until one of my fellow Contributors reminded me of a little, small, surely insignificant detail that apparently everyone involved with hacking the account, publishing the hack, and favorably publicizing the hack seem to have forgotten. Sarah Palin is now under the protection of the United States Secret Service, which means that they are going to very interested in this attack.

Let me put this succinctly: everybody who had a hand in this is [expletive deleted]ed.

Have a nice day!

Moe Lane

PS: Actually, no, if the original is a fake you’re still all [expletive deleted]ed. Unless you’re as clean as the Alaska snow, that is. (Hey! It’s not! Remember, ignorance of the law is not a valid defense. Especially when it comes to the USSS.)

PPS: Before you scrub, remember the Arthur Andersen Lesson: erasing your involvement in a felony is itself a crime. I recommend that you save yourself some time better spent arranging for legal counsel and call the USSS now to turn yourself in. You can get your local number here.

PPPS: The lawyers among us are even now arguing which federal statute you’re all going to be brought up on. There’s a lot of giggling involved.

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