Atlantic Monthly: Jill Greenburg's offsite activities unacceptable. What? Andrew Sullivan? I'm sorry, but the line is breaking up.

Jeffrey Goldberg wants you to know, by gum, that his magazine has couth:

I don’t know Greenberg (I count this as a blessing) and I can add nothing to what James Bennet told the Post except to say that Greenberg is quite obviously an indecent person who should not be working in magazine journalism. Every so often, journalists become deranged at the sight of certain candidates, and lose their bearings. Why, this has even happened in the case of John McCain once or twice. What I find truly astonishing is the blithe way in which she has tried to hurt this magazine.

(Via The American Digest

There are only so many ways that a man can work with the basic metaphor of irony being shot dead and its head mounted on a wall, and I’ve used them all up. So just look at who this magazine considers a selling point, and marvel at the majestic delusions of Man:

What is today's rumor about Palin, Sully?  Clown underwear?  Gotcha.

If you’re one of the five readers – Left or Right – reading this who don’t get this, first off: I’m glad that you finally got power and internet service back. Long three weeks, huh? Second, I suggest that you start reading Ace of Spades and Patterico. That should get you up to speed soon.

Moe Lane