Udall (CO) campaign: "Ha! There's no bus allocation in that Department of Peace thing that he supported!"

I will not hide the truth from you: this is a silly ad.

It’s from Freedom’s Watch, and it’s there to support Bob Schaffer, and it’s a silly ad. It’s a good ad: it aims for funny-obnoxious, and gets there – but it’s still silly. It’d not be on my list for Ultimate Awesome…

…until I discovered that the Udall campaign absolutely freaked over it.

An attorney representing Udall’s campaign fired off a letter to at least two television stations in Denver yesterday demanding that the ad, which shows an aging hippie bragging about the legislation, originally sponsored by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, near his beat up Volkswagen van, be yanked from the airwaves.

“The offensive representations and slanderous image directly tie Mark Udall to the use and promotion of marijuana. This is an outrageous portrayal that finds no credence whatsoever in fact” Friednash wrote to Cornetta. “Further, there is nothing in the Department of Peace legislation that authorizes the purchase of a van or that says one of the activities of the Department will be smoking marijuana in a smoke filled van.

Bolding mine – and if Freedom’s Watch is smart, said bolding would also be in their next ad.

Moe Lane

PS: Be sure to read the Politico article referenced above: it’s got some good bits in it. Also, once you’re done showing your appreciation to Freedom’s Watch for making the ad, and Schaffer for being worthy of it, may I suggest visiting the NRSC? Bob’s not going to be able to do anything without enough friends in the Senate to help him out.

PPS: No, really, the lawyers couldn’t even get Freedom’s Watch name right. Udall’s campaign must make Obama’s look like a marvel of efficiency.