Rapid response on "Swinegate". [UPDATED}

[UPDATE: Ed Morrissey of Hot Air weighs in, and he’s leaning more towards the sexist interpretation. I dunno. Chowderhead really works for me.]

Glenn Reynolds is impressed with the turnaround time on this:

…but he wonders if it was actually worth an ad. It’s the laughter that’s the problem for Obama. If nobody had laughed, he’d be in a better position to say that people are exaggerating this; as it stands, you can certainly make the case that the crowd took it as an insult direct against Palin. And it’s not like this is the first time that something like this has happened, has it?

Sexist, or just plain dumb: take your pick. Either way, Obama’s should probably stop with the own-goals if he wants any chance at all at winning this thing.

Moe Lane