Mona Charen: Palin, the Media, and Trig.

I don’t think that I would go this far

The example of people living their principles by embarking on the undeniably difficult path of raising a handicapped child is a hard one to dismiss. In fact, it’s hard not to admire. Don’t most of us, deep down, really think that the most humane and honorable thing is to treat all life as sacred? Even if you are not religious or have no belief in God — doesn’t it appeal to an enlightened humanism to give support and love to the handicapped? In fact, most pro-choice people probably treat the handicapped with terrific compassion and care. They doubtless support civil rights legislation like the Americans with Disabilities Act, additional school spending, and generous Social Security benefits. They’d be the first to hold the door for someone in a wheelchair, and they’d be friendly toward anyone with obvious mental retardation.

But for themselves, they would abort. And there stands Sarah, Trig Palin in her arms, a beautiful ambassador for the path of humility, duty, honor, and grace. It’s no wonder she was in their crosshairs from the get go.

…when it comes to pro-choice people in general. I will go this far when it comes to the utterly contemptible and vile reactions on this story from both the media and our ever-so-tolerant fellows on the Other Side; I’m not a psychologist by any means, but I’ve seen enough people with guilty consciences to notice when someone may be angrily suffering from one. You don’t get this kind of reaction – which, as usual, has not been significantly pushed-back on by the often invoked but never active quote-unquote “Decent Left” – from people who are disengaged.

But perhaps some don’t like to hear that explanation about their behavior. Fine. I’m under no obligation to give anyone benefit of the doubt. So we can go with the alternative take that all those people out there who pushed the Palin-faked-her-pregnancy story did so because they’re pond scum.

I personally like that theory better anyway.