Eagleton Watch?

Now that Joe Biden is rapidly becoming “Joe Who?” in this campaign, there’s some rampant speculation – with malice assuredly aforethought – about when/if Obama is going to pull an Eagleton – although I prefer the more up-to-date of phrase “to pull a Torricelli” – on this particular albatross{*}.

Glenn Reynolds is skeptical that it would even happen.

Patterico is down with the notion, but doesn’t have a date in mind.

Allahpundit’s too busy giggling at the way that GOP Congressional candidates want Palin stumping for them now (and they’ll take her husband, if she’s not available) to care much about Biden anyway.

John Hawkins doesn’t care much, either, but that’s because he’s still warming up from being out there in the cold until recently (glad you’re back, John. We missed you).

Ace of Spades? When he isn’t trying to beat Allahpundit in ironic use of the term “Eagleton” he’s putting up scary pictures (well, scary for some).

Don Surber’s got a date picked out already.

And Mortman’s just wondering why nobody likes Biden all that much.

Me? Tell you the truth, either way’s fine. The mistake was made when Obama lost his nerve and picked Joe Biden for the spot; all that’s left now is seeing which way that mistake plays out.{*}Because it was ironically funny, that’s why.