A public service announcement for our anti-Palin trolls.

Not surprising, really: a lot of ’em probably got their start expressing their inner misogynist against Senator Hillary Clinton, and are no doubt excited to think that they can keep doing it to Governor Sarah Palin. I understand that hate and fear does that to a person, which is personally why I avoid those two emotions whenever possible. Besides, I find that fully justified ire and sheer elemental revulsion do the job so much better anyway.

Still, I feel I should offer some friendly advice – well aware, like Ace, that the very idiots who should take it never, ever will – to our trolls: you’ve picked absolutely the wrong battleground. Wednesday cemented Palin’s support among the Online Right. We’re stoked about the choice, we know that you’re clearly scared about it… and (I can’t believe that I’m about to write this) a lot of us are even happy with John McCain now. I don’t know who pointed this out first, but with this choice Senator McCain has handed over the one position of influence in his future administration that he can’t fire – and the traditional heir apparent position – to someone with strong, across the board conservative credentials. Game over, kids: we’re not fertile ground anymore.

You need to retreat to here. Because you’re getting hammered over there, and I’m assuming that you’re thinking of places like that as more your home base area…

Moe Lane

PS: The phrase that you’re trying to recall is “getting inside the decision loop.” McCain is currently inside Obama’s. Has been for the last month, really.