Yet another Obama supporter sacrifices himself to get the smear out.

Shows that I’m not yet numb.

Anyway, usual pattern (via Instapundit):

  1. Person – hey, why am I hiding his name? It’s Howard Gutman. Anyway Gutman, who’s only on the air because he’s a top Obama guy, takes the opportunity to make a sexist argument about the Mean, Scary Woman who makes his candidate look bad. This version? Sarah Palin’s a bad parent who isn’t putting her family first. Audio for that here from Allahpundit, who also helpfully reminds us that this is not precisely a line of attack that should be used in any campaign that involves Senator Joe Biden.{*}

  2. The Obama campaign comes out with yet another pro-forma request that people stop going after his opponents’ families. Given that said pro-forma request shows no signs that Gutman has been kicked out of the Obama orbit and told not to come back, you can believe as much of that as you like. I don’t believe a word of it, myself. Allah almost certainly doesn’t. Heck, Jake Tapper’s probably rolling his eyes right now, just like he did at Gutman’s quote-unquote “apology”. The… person… isn’t sorry that he said something about a woman’s choice that he’d never say about a man’s: he’s sorry that he was apparently not artful enough about how he said it.

  3. Reset the clock.

  4. Wait. (We’re currently on that one.)

  5. (Repeat as necessary.) has yet to tick over, but I personally expect it no later than Sunday morning.

About the only even vaguely positive thing that can be said about this sort of behavior pattern is that it doesn’t involve people cutting themselves with razor blades in order to show their devotion. Then again, that may just be something that they’ll be saving for October.{*}I wouldn’t personally use it; then again, I’m not supporting Barack Obama, either.