Joe Biden: "we can pick-up at least 11 Republican-held Senate seats."

From the Perpetual Voluntary Mandatory Give Us Five Bucks Or The Universe Will Implode series of begging emails that will be spamming Democrats until, well, the universe implodes:

But our victory in November will not be complete unless the DSCC can also deliver the filibuster-proof Senate majority that can end the obstruction and help us turn things around.

This is the year we can pick-up at least 11 Republican-held Senate seats, more than enough for that overwhelming majority.

Eleven seats?


Name ’em, Senator. Alphabetically by state will do.

Moe Lane

PS: Try to do it in less than four hours, Senator.

PPS: Kids, when you try to play games here, do try to remember that this isn’t your normal stomping grounds. So: recent polls, stick to GOP-held seats – just like Biden did – and, for the love of God, don’t drag Sarah Palin’s family into this. I know that this last can be hard for Obama supporters, but at least try.