The RLC Lunch.

Image descriptionGotta say, both the National Taxpayer’s Union and the Republican National Coalition for Life are just the slightest bit more, ah, *accessible for these sorts of things. I thought that I’d check out the Republican Leadership Council lunch because, hey, big tent, right? – besides, I’m actually the moderate Republican around here.

No, seriously. Pro-same sex marriage, pro-union, remember?

They weren’t rude about it, but the RLC was apparently closed to the press, alas. They aren’t really doing anything else this week, but they will be endorsing candidates next week. I actually wish them luck, but I suspect that more of you would be interested in the Young Guns Republicans, who Rep. Kevin McCarthy talked about at our brunch today. Their website is here.

Hey, I have to justify the front-pager somehow. Tain’t my fault if the RLC didn’t give me enough to work with.

Moe Lane

*We heard from Pawlenty and DeMint at their Pit Bulls and Pigs party last night. Basic message: we’re actually seen some improvement, but there’s still a way to go.

And Go Sarah Palin. No waiting-to-see with that bunch.