Quick talk with Senator DeMint.

Senator DeMint stopped by briefly; as usual, we had a few questions for him.

Generally, Senator DeMint is positive about the election, saying that McCain’s stances show that he’s serious about changes and reform in the party. He is pleased with the Palin pick, and absolutely discounts any chance of an Eagleton scenario. She’ll have to take on Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Given that she’s got a better resume than the former, and given that she’s already gone up against Ted Stevens, she’s ready to do that. As for Joe Biden, Sen DeMint thinks that Governor Palin is going to eat the Senator from Delaware alive. It’s going to be the difference being talking and doing: Biden has done the former, Palin the latter.

The Bob Schaffer (donate here) race in Colorado is the most important one to the Senate Conversatives Fund: “we know Bob Schaffer.” There are other races, New Mexico and Louisiana in particular, but the idea now is to be “clear Republicans”. He finished up by listing Energy Security, National Security, and Wasteful Spending as the three major issues facing our country this cycle, and that John McCain and Sarah Palin have the credentials and legitimacy to discuss these issues while the Democrats equivocate.