Breaking: Clinton supporters told about Palin in June.

…but then, I guess that they weren’t interested in talking to a bunch of women, were they?

CAVUTO: Alright Harriet, I have heard from other Clinton loyalists who say this is a patronizing attempt on the part of the McCain folks to reach out to us and it is very transparent. We see through it. What do you say?

CHRISTIAN: I disagree with that. If you remember, back in June, Senator McCain met with 70 of us in Virginia and we had an opportunity to talk to him about his plans and who his running mate might be. And I’m happy to say that one of the names mentioned was Governor Palin, and he came through for us.

CAVUTO: Really? At that meeting, she was mentioned?

CHRISTIAN: Yes she certainly was.

On the bright side, I suppose that certain people can keep telling themselves that maybe he didn’t mean it, right, uh-huh? Or something.