Possibly you people should have thought of that before you started in on the Palin family

Sorry: that’s in response to the rather annoying reaction to this news. Via Glenn Reynolds(who is, by the way, right on how we’re ready to engage this):

ST. PAUL — Levi Johnston, the boyfriend of the pregnant 17-year-old Bristol Palin, plans to join the family at the Republican Party’s nomination here of mom and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for vice president.The 18-year-old father-, husband- and celebrity-to-be left Alaska this morning to join the Palin family at the convention, according to his mother. Gov. Palin’s speech is scheduled for WednesdaLevi Johnston future son in law of Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential nominee and father of the Bristol Palin baby playing for the Wasilla Alaska high school hockey teamy night.[snip]**So much for family privacy**: Imagine the attention this couple will confront in the media-filled Excel Energy Center arena where the hurricane-truncated convention is playing out.

Actually, I’d prefer to imagine a scenario where both the media and the Online Left had the essential couth to keep from playing tawdry political games. Or even one where the media isn’t piously worrying about the implications of a scenario that they’ve done their damndest to turn into a crisis.

Choice of word deliberate there.

Moe Lane

PS: By the way, oh ye lurkers, let me give you the hidden message to this: Palin ain’t going anywhere. You’re just going to have to try something else. I’d offer suggestions, except there apparently isn’t anything so filthy that a Left-blogger somewhere won’t try to run with it.