Palin thoughts, a day later.

But really quickly: I’m juggling baby and last-minute travel stuff.

On the Right: McCain’s pick has energized and pleased Republicans, particularly conservative ones. Yes, yes, there’s all sorts of people trying to say otherwise, usually by reading off emails purporting to be from disgruntled members of the GOP. Alas for them, McCain’s people reported that they received $3 million dollars in six hours yesterday, with a total haul for the day of $4.49 million.

I think that we need to take the money more seriously than the emails.

On the Left: Did you think that the netroots were contemptibly nasty to Senator Clinton (believe me or not – I don’t care either way – but I do)? Just wait. They’re already starting in on Palin, and it will not get any better, and the media will merely be slightly more genteel about it. The netroots can’t help themselves, of course: they’ve been well-conditioned by now to automatically hate all who oppose them, and they are woefully unaccustomed to having to be accountable for it. But don’t get mad at them: they’re just… unwell, really. Instead, just point and say “Hey, look. An Obama supporter.”

Just make sure that you do it in as loud, as clear, and as public a fashion as possible.