I have to disagree with Allahpundit on this one.

He thinks that this is a smart ad:

…because it doesn’t mention Governor Sarah Palin by name. I think that it doesn’t mention Governor Palin by name because the Obama campaign didn’t have the slightest idea that she was in the running, let alone that she was getting the nod. If you think that’s unlikely, let me remind you that the DNC didn’t even think that she was important enough to profile as “the next Cheney.” Heck, they still haven’t updated that site, the lazy so-and-sos. Which leads me to wonder just how much work’s been actually done by these people in preparing for the general election. Hopefully, it’ll be much of the same.

Moe Lane

PS: You know, for a campaign that trumpets “change” so much, Obama’s seems curiously inept at actually handling unexpected ones.