Moe did a Happy Dance in the NJT rest stop at 12:30 PM.

First off: bring it, Democrats. Contribute to McCain Victory 2008 (UPDATE: as I understand it, that link still works after Thursday: it’s the same sort of shared-fundraising system that the DNC is using to inflate its monthly totals.)

Second: It’s a fascinating thing, really. For the last few months, the overwhelming theme that we’ve heard from the Democrats is that we are lost: that we are not what we once were; and that our lives have somehow been bound to an almost inevitable downward spiral. And that all of this is due to… depends on who you ask. A civic and political philosophy subscribed to by millions of Americans. A political party. A secret cabal of faceless men. A few men. One of many “one man”s. And that the only way that we may all be saved is to vote for their candidate.

And yet: today is the day where, for the first time, an African-American has been nominated for President by one of the two major parties… and the other major party has nominated the second woman for Vice-President. I want all of you to think of how that news would have been received in 1808.

Or 1868.Or 1928.Or 1948.Or 1968.Or even 1988, really.

Be wary of those eager to grasp your arm and insist that you have lost your way. There’s always the possibility that they merely think that it will be profitable for them for you to travel along theirs.

Everyone, please enjoy your weekend.

Moe Lane