I would like to reassure Jane Hamsher of something.

But even if he did, should John McCain pass away after winning the election, she will not get sent to Gitmo (Via Ace, who is quite right: this woman probably isn’t joking).

Now I understand that Ms. Hamsher is both a member of the antiwar movement and a netrooter, which is to say that she operates in a different (read: inferior) reality than the rest of us. So there’s no point in bringing up that Gitmo is not what she thinks that it is, or that there’s no way that she could be sent to that facility without it becoming an instant scandal, or that we don’t do that sort of thing to loudmouthed idiots because they’re being loudmouthed idiots, or that Senator Lieberman is not the sort of man to use his position in such a reprehensible fashion. None of that will get through the objective reality filters. So, instead, I will offer a pragmatic reason why this won’t happen: Senator Lieberman is, by all accounts, a careful sort of fellow. Which means that Hamsher and all those other pro-Lamont bloggers are perfectly safe.

After all, he might need them to gut-shoot the campaign of his next primary opponent, too.