Can this birth certificate nonsense be over now?

Jess Heng of FactCheck.org has held the stupid thing in his hands. They have taken photos of it. It says “Barack Hussein Obama II” as the name and “Honolulu” as the place of birth. The document number is 151 1961 – 010641. It is, in other words, a certified copy of a birth certificate that shows that the assumed Democratic candidate for President is eligible to run for President in this country, and that the name that he uses now is the name that he was born with.

So if the PUMAs could stop sending around those emails, that’d be just swell, thanks.

Moe Lane

PS: Allahpundit asks the question “Why didn’t Team Barry simply produce the document for the media from the start?” I’m guessing one of two answers: 1, they’re idiots; 2, they were hoping that the GOP would run with this.

OK, 3, they’re idiots for thinking that we would run with this. I like that one.