A public service announcement (no, not another...)

Although I am.

Anyway, I’ve been watching with some interest all the frenzied VP speculation that has been going on for the last few days, on both sides. As we are now performing at levels of minutiae-analysis that would impress an old-school Kremlinologist, I’d thought that I’d make the following recommendations:

1). Get – hold on! Wait until you read the whole thing before you follow these instructions – anyway, get off your computer.

2). Hit the bar.

3). Order a complicated drink; or a strong, simple one; or beer/wine and some sort of tasty finger food.

4). Consume.

5). Ask yourself: Do I care as much about who McCain/Obama picks for VP as I did prior to 4).?

5a). If the answer is “Yes,” go back to 3). and repeat.

5b). If the answer is “No,” you may go back to 3). and repeat.

Really. It helps amazingly well, no matter who you are voting for.