In which I confirm the reporting of the New York Times.

A Jonathan Miles recently wrote a flavor piece (“You Can’t See It to Believe It “) about what appears to be a new trend in Sydney, Australia: virtual drink experiences.

ALL I did, as usual, was order a drink. Which only partly explains why I found myself here, seated in a cordoned-off side room at Zeta, a plush, dusky, high-ceiling downtown night spot — holding a booze-filled pineapple and wearing a blindfold along with headphones hooked to a specially programmed iPod.

All the while, someone was spraying my face with what smelled like Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the world’s most elaborate cocktail garnish. The Tiki, the drink I ordered, is one of four sensory cocktails to make their debut this month at Zeta.

The idea is, of course, that this is supposed to give you the subconscious feel that you’re drinking your pina colada in, say, Waikiki – thus enhancing the sensation. By a profound coincidence, I happen to be in Waikiki right now… so I wrote down the recipe, found a bar that could reproduce it, and drank it with my eyes open and no headphones on. My conclusion? Much like Mr. Miles, I could tell right away that there’s no substitute for actually being there.

Yup. It’s precisely this sort of cutting edge blog-reporting that keeps you, our loyal readers, coming back for more and more and more.

Moe Lane

PS: Oddly enough, you’d think that emphasizing that you’re drinking in Sydney – which has got to be a massively fun place to drink; it’s full of Australians, after all – would be a draw. Apparently not.