I'm afraid that I have to make an announcement.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been really around in the last couple of days. Some of you may have also noticed that I may have seemed slightly behind, as if there was something else going on with me right now. I’m sorry to have to say that if you did, there was a reason for it; and I can guarantee that many of you will be personally regretful to see what I’m about to write.

Oh, man. There’s no real way to avoid lessening the impact of this, so let me just rip off the bandage here:hunka hunka burning love

I’m in Waikiki right now, and you’re not.

Open thread.

Moe Lane

PS: Because my wife got her paper accepted at the right engineering conference, that’s why. Odd how us knuckle-dragging, reactionary Neanderthal types always seem to marry about three standard deviations above our station.

PPS: Because I just got out of the shower when the picture got taken, that’s why. I’ve been up since 4 AM.