You get the impression that the National Enquirer feels that it's kind of personal at this point.

After all, it’s not as if they’ve had to do everything except fire the Edwards affair story out of a cannon in order to keep it moving, and in an election year, no less. So now it looks like they’re being cruel (via Hot Air Headlines) in their release of further details – and not just because “cruel” sells tabloids. Apparently, if the regular media is so determined to drag their heels on this story, then by God the Enquirer is going to rub their collective face in it by keeping in front.

I’d be sympathetic, except that it’s just a bit too much effort to justify having any for either former Senator Edwards, or the regular media.

Moe Lane

PS: Hate to do this to you, Barry, but real quick: given that this Fred Baron guy used to be Edwards’ bagman for this sort of thing, and he apparently raises money for you now: could you be a mensch and formally announce for the record that you had no idea that any of this was going on?

Alternatively, do you think that you could at least get back to Jake Tapper on this about whether Baron’s really fund-raising for you? It’s just that it’s getting on to be a couple of days, now – and while the Georgia thing shows that you normally need about that time to figure out the right answer to a question, shoot, it’s not like this one was an actual surprise