Can we get a coherent Georgian narrative here from the Democrats?

I’m still tracking down the transcript for this excerpt from the Corner:

Obama backer and former UN Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, appearing on CNN: “John [Roberts], with all due respect, I would dispute what you just said. Senator McCain and Senator Obama have roughly the same positions. it’s the Bush administration that was behind the curve. “

…but I have to admit, it certainly sounds like Holbrooke isn’t talking to, say, Susan Rice (via Hot Air):

Given that it’s starting to look like we’ve just paused for a bit on the Georgian-Russian crisis, not gotten past it – I think that it’d be nice if the various surrogates for Barack Obama got together and at least hashed out an internally self-consistent narrative of what opinion that they think that the American people want him to have on this issue.

You know, before another 72 hours have passed.

Moe Lane