Today's the first day for VRWC bragging rights, ladies and gentlemen.

You see, this week almost ten thousand lucky members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy will be getting the ultimate compliment: a targeted attack letter (suitable for framing!) hoping to dissuade them from contributing further. Only the biggest and baddest Republican Death Beasts will qualify, folks – I mean, no chance in heck that I’m getting one; I can’t even afford to watch the table, let alone sit at it, and completely never mind getting actually dealt in – so if you get one, by all means show it off. If you don’t, maybe you can email the guy and demand that he put you on the next list. If you do, though, do it fast: the fairly notorious Judicial Watch is taking the position that this may be a violation of the Ku Klux Klan Act, which means that if they’re right there will probably be just the one print run.

On the bright side, that means that the value of your letter can only go up.

Moe LanePS: Brother Pejman was a bit more comprehensive on the subject.