The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory Flowchart.

It’s not really for examining (via Screw Loose Change, via Hot Air Headlines): it’s best observed as a seamless whole, with little bits popping up here and there. I assume that the British-centric nature of it reflects the original authors, while the pervasive anti-Semitism is… well, let’s just say that these guys probably aren’t for the GWOT either, and leave it at that.

To rip off Allahpundit, here’s an exit question: where do we put the latest 24-hour, why-isn’t-this-working?!? nonsense from the Left over McCain’s alleged “plagiarism“? I think that there’s space next to the Ebola virus.

Moe Lane

PS: By the way: if this sort of thing appeals to you – at least, it would appeal to you if people would just stop harshing your enjoyment about it by yammering about the Jews all the time – may I suggest this game? Quite fun, easy to learn, and will rip off the scab of delusion that keeps you from appreciating the awful grandeur of the way the world really works with minimal fuss.