And the Obama campaign comes through for me again!

I was just thinking about whether we could legitimately put this video:

…back on the front page. It’d would have been a little difficult to justify: there’s a half-life to any good ad, and this one is getting to be weeks old by now. Still a little juice left, but would it have really been worth it?

Apparently, the Obama campaign thought so, because they decided to finally reply to it – and not in the way that Allahpundit suggested, which would have been the smart way. Nope, it was bellowing like a stuck calf all the way:

You know, for a campaign that’s so supposedly about hope and change, these guys seem to be pretty awfully reactionary.

New song suggestion after the fold for Obama’s people.

Moe LanePS: Senator Obama, I understand that these days your natsec guys are drawing from A. A. Milne for their foreign policy positions. In light of that, have you considered getting one of your pet songwriters to work the ANXIOUS POOH SONG? It’s the last few lines that I think really hammer home the message:

3 Cheers for Bear!(For where?)For Bear—3 Cheers for the wonderful Winnie-the-Pooh!(Just tell me, Somebody—WHAT DID HE DO?)

Well, hammer home a message, at least.