God help us, but this is supposed to be one of their *hard-line* natsec people.

I mean, with a title like: “BRZEZINSKI: RUSSIA’S INVASION OF GEORGIA IS REMINISCENT OF STALIN’S ATTACK ON FINLAND,” (via Glenn) it’s not too much to hope that somebody in the Obama campaign gets it, right? Then you get to the meat.

Well, the tofu.All bolding mine:

Gardels: Is the West obliged to help Georgia resist the Russian attack with some kind of military support?

Brzezinski: The question is not what obligation the West may have at the moment. The question is about our longer term interest. If a Russia, which misjudges its power and its capacities embarks now on a blatantly nationalistic and imperialistic course, we will all suffer.

Therefore it is all the more important that Russia be stopped now by mobilizing a concerted, global effort to oppose and condemn the Russian invasion. Ultimately, that could lead to economic and financial sanctions, though one would hope that other Russian leaders, including its business elite, will have cooler heads and be more aware of Russia’s own vulnerabilities. Russia is not ready to sustain a new cold war.

Gardels: Should the Atlantic Alliance urgently induct Georgia into NATO as one response?

Brzezinski:The West desisted from extending the NATO “membership action plan” to Georgia — a preparatory stage for becoming a member — out of deference to Russian objections. It is now clear that the deference shown to Putin, in the face of his obvious ambitions, has been counterproductive. In view of what has happened, NATO ought to extend the membership action plan to Georgia, therefore reinforcing the commitment NATO made in Bucharest last March to the effect that NATO intends, at some future point, to include Georgia.

In other words, the technical term for what Brzezinski calls for us to do about the Georgian situation is known as “bupkis.”

Moe Lane