Tremble before the apotropaic fury of the Great O! Dude.

In response to what, I hear you ask? Why, this*:

No, really, don't Google "goatse."

I figure that I could ask Obama supporters when they were going to start wearing ceremonial articles of clothing, or maybe I could start shouting out “Is there no help for the Widow’s Son?” and “Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged!” at random moments{*}; I might have even made a suggestion that Obama’s real purpose to his trip was to find the Spear of Destiny and wield it against the Illuminati/Templar/Prieury of Sion alliance currently running the US government. You know. I was going to be all esoteric, and stuff. Bring a little arcane dignity to the phenomenon, and all that.

But, no. Glenn’s right, darn him:

Space Hippies.

I just can’t add anything to that. Except to offer my sincere hope that the Obama campaign goes the last step in embracing its inner dweeb and actually adopts this gesture.

Moe Lane*Apropos of nothing, but a free hint: when your beloved piece of agitprop is immediately seized upon by your political opponents and gleefully reproduced for mockery, chances are good that it has failed as a piece of agitprop.

Oh, don’t be such a herbert about it.

{*}By the way, did you know that Obama-couples are now using “Yes we can!” as an aid to orgasm? Personally, I would think that “Yes, I did!” makes more grammatical sense, but then I… well, mustn’t brag. (Via Extreme Mortman, and the Economist, both of which are as bemused as I was.)