Wow. I hadn't realized that it stung the Democrats *that* badly.

First, let’s watch this:

Come, I will hide nothing from you: I worried slightly that this would set our conservative base’s teeth on edge. So, I said to myself: “Moe, when you write up this post, you had better include some links of all those Democrats saying some nasty things about McCain lately to make the point that either they were lying then, or lying now.”

But I don’t have to, because the DNC did it for me!

…only they did it taking 50% longer, sloppily (no Feingold or Obama retractions), and with the grim droning that we’ve all grown to love and appreciate from our Democratic colleagues. Perfect, in other words.


Moe Lane

PS: But will the DNC ad work?

Not particularly, no. First off, it’s reactive; second off, it’s too derivative; third off, it should have been cut down to a minute (just like the original); fourth off, it almost obsessively goes after the most risky aspect of the original ad from McCain’s point of view (what it might do to conservative viewers) to defuse that message; and last off, it reinforces the message to American voters that Democratic politicians are in the habit of changing their message a lot. Which is probably why no Obama in the second one: the last thing that he needs is more of that particular message out there.

But it probably made the DNC feel better, and that’s the important thing, right?