Pointing a finger at the enablers of Jose Ernesto Medellin's execution.

Never mind that he was convicted of raping and murdering two teenagers (14 and 16); the International Court of Justice and the United Nations both wanted Medellin not to be executed, and what is the State of Texas to argue with them? Well… it’s a State in the USA, which means that it actually has rights that the federal government is not in fact empowered to simply overrule, absent formal legislation from Congress – not just my opinion; the Supreme Court’s, of which more in just a bit – so Medellin got the needle yesterday.

Works for me, frankly. But I understand that some people out there feel differently. Which is why I can’t wait to see all the attacks of Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the Left. After all, she decided to send Congress into recess, even though she knew quite well that doing so before HR 6481 got shepherded through the House would inevitably mean Medellin’s death.

Apparently, this issue took a back seat to having August off. Not to mention ducking the implementation of a sensible energy policy: but doing that sort of thing apparently appeals to Democrats, so I guess it doesn’t really count.

Moe Lane

PS: When you’re done cursing Pelosi, o ye lurkers, may I suggest that you add to your list Senators Baucus, Johnson, Landrieu, Levin, Pryor, and Rockefeller? These are, of course, the Democratic Senators up for re-election who voted to confirm either Justice Alito, Justice Roberts, or both. Who knows? With two different Justices in place Pelosi might not have had her chance in the first place.

Just thought I’d mention: I’d hate to think that any of you were sending in your mandatory voluntary Democratic Campaign Victory donations without a full understanding of what your money wasn’t being spent on.