Hey, at least they're being herded up in the *VIP* Parking Lot, right?

Credit where credit is due. Whoever at the DNC who came up with this fillip of utter contempt for the antiwar movement deserves a raise:

Invesco protest zone to be in VIP parking lot

The protest zone at Invesco Field on the final night of the Democratic National Convention will be located in a VIP parking lot north of the stadium, and will have a clear view of Invesco, city officials said today.

The fenced-in area will be about 53,000 square feet in Lot J.

Delegates entering the convention will pass by the area from between 200 and 400 feet away after they are dropped off for the night’s speech by Sen. Barack Obama.

Via TalkLeft, via Instapundit.No word yet whether they’ll be using dogs and torches to hunt down anybody who dares escapes from The Cage and tries to get into The World’s Biggest Phone Bank


OK, the pure egotistical absurdity of that still floors me.


…but I wouldn’t be surprised. As Jeralyn herself has apparently just noticed about her ideological compatriots – it took her long enough, and by “long enough” I mean “half a decade” – we’re talking about a group of people who think that political demonstrations just aren’t complete without a liberal helping of human feces on hand for throwing. It’s not hard to reason with people like that. It’s impossible. So stick ’em in their cage, put down plenty of straw, get one of those big water spigots, and be done with it.

Just put up some Plexiglas splash guards along the walkway. We can’t have these fellows throw their own, generated on-site secretions at their betters, now can we?

Moe Lane