For the love of God, Democrats, do not listen to this man!

You must not listen to him, in fact…

DAVIS: Kill the undemocratic caucuses
Lanny Davis

It’s time for Democrats to kill the undemocratic and elitist caucus system for selecting national convention delegates for the presidential nomination. Instead, all delegates should be selected in primaries.

…when he goes on in this vein, while also calling for the end of proportional representation in primaries, limiting primaries to actual Democrats, eliminating super-delegates entirely, and instituting regional primary days. You must not listen to any of that, and I’ll tell you why.

First off, as Don Surber (H/T) notes, he’s a Clinton supporter. Clearly he’s just as untrustworthy as all the other people who supported Hillary Clinton in the primary.

Second, he wrote that for the Washington Times. Obviously that means that you need to dismiss that right away.

Third, he’s right telling you things that contradict the established Democratic Party consensus. Certainly that cannot be borne.

I’m glad that we had a chance to nip that potential disaster in the bud, yes?

Moe Lane