Well, Speaker Pelosi proved yesterday that telepathy DOES NOT WORK.

As it stands, as far as I can tell they couldn’t even manage to pop one of her blood vessels. For that matter, if telepathy worked George Stephanopoulos probably would have succumbed to his barely-hidden urge to leap across the table and strangle the Speaker with his own tie before she completely wrecked the Democrats’ chances to win 30 seats this election*.

Get the transcript (via Hot Air) before you watch the video below: you’ll need it in order to follow along and happily confirm that, yes, she really is saying all of this. Said video is long (just under 9 minutes), but the concentrated stupid makes it a joy to behold:

Actually, looking at it again: I think that I saw George’s fingers twitch once. Maybe the Democrats should try again, but only this time they go ahead and use an external focus? I understand that crystals are popular among that sort.

Moe Lane

PS: Gas was two bucks a gallon when the GOP controlled Congress. Just saying, that’s all.

*The Democrats are not going to win 30 seats this election. Particularly if the NRCC has the resources it needs to challenge some of those interlopers in our seats. Hint, hint.