So, let us assess the reactions of the USA to Obama's Magical Pretty Senator* World Tour.

I’m sure that said reaction will be quite significant.

So, starting with Rasmussen, we have a six-point bounce… erm. Back down to two and margin-of-error, huh?

:crumpling up paper and tossing it in wastebasket:

Well, there’s always Gallup and its 9 8 6 4 point lead. Or, as Gallup put it on 7/23,”modest“…


OK, let’s try public reaction… 39% no opinion, huh? 41% among independents. “Unfairly positive” press coverage towards Obama tied with “about right” at 39%? Fav/Unfavs worse for Obama among GOP/independents since poll done the week before, better for McCain among GOP/independents?


OK, there’s the USA/Gallup poll – yeesh. That switch from RV to LV


Democracy Corps – no, wait, look at the battleground states and the way that 5 point lead becomes 1.


Let’s try Rasmussen again Obama trip: No Gain for the Democrat, No Pain for McCainBelief Growing That Reporters are Trying to Help Obama WinHalf of Voters Still Say U.S. is Winning the War on Terror


Well, maybe the journalists… President Obama Continues Hectic Victory TourObama Arrogance WatchHopium helps you forget several unpleasant facts… Oh, wait, here’s a good one: Obama notes ‘tragic’ US past: American history’s “sad” aspects require action, the senator tells cheering journalists

:crumple::crumple::crumple::crumple, then rustle as the pyramid of paper collapses:

I guess that pretty much leaves only one question, then. Tell me something, Senator: last week, when you and your group were running the private sessions of your Presidential cosplay – did you use Mind’s Eye Theater for your ruleset, or did you go with the NERO LARP rules? I would normally guess the former, but from what I saw of the primaries you have all the hallmarks of being a stone-cold Palladium Games fan.

Moe Lane

*Substitute “girl” for “Senator” when you Google it. And no more hints!