Obama's response was funny?

I dunno, Allahpundit. I mean, the Celebrity ad was pretty good. Not the best thing EVER, but pretty good:

…but this response was… well, to be honest, it kind of droned. I guess that I was expecting something a little more punchy, a little less press release-like, and a whole lot less whiny.

I know this is going to sound heretical and everything, but the Obama campaign doesn’t actually seem to be all that good at making campaign ads. It’s like George Lucas and Star Wars: all of the really cool stuff these days is fan-generated.

Moe Lane

PS: Credit where credit is due, however: full points to Obama spokesman Bill Burton responding with “What does this mean?” when faced with some (presumably) pro-Obama lyrics by rapper Jay-Z. Of course, he was probably just as happy to change the subject after Ludacris…