Is your Congressman on the list below? {UPDATED}

{Updated: Both Jeff and myself (and I confirmed with a phone call) have been notified that Rep Blunt had been attending a lunch hosted by Paul Weyrich; that he had had no more than 15 or 30 minutes’ notice; that this is not the first time that this sort of thing has happened; and that he would have voted against adjournment if he had been able to get there. I accept this explanation, and have removed him from the list. – Moe Lane}

Well, if he or she is:

Abercrombie, Ackerman, Allen, Andrews, Baca, Baird, Baldwin, Barrow, Bean, Becerra, Berkley, Berman, Berry, Bishop (GA), Bishop (NY), Blumenauer, Blunt, Boren, Boucher, Boyd (FL), Boyda (KS), Brady (PA), Brown (Corrine), Brown-Waite (Ginny), Butterfield, Capps, Capuano, Cardoza, Carnahan, Carson, Castor, Cazayoux, Chandler, Clarke, Clay, Cleaver, Clyburn, Cohen, Conyers, Cooper, Costa, Costello, Courtney, Cramer, Crowley, Cubin, Cuellar, Cummings, Davis (AL), Davis (CA), Davis (IL), Davis (Lincoln), DeFazio, DeGette, Delahunt, DeLauro, Dicks, Dingell, Doggett, Doyle, Edwards (MD), Edwards (TX), Ellison, Emanuel, Engel, Eshoo, Etheridge, Farr, Fattah, Filner, Foster, Frank (MA), Giffords, Gonzalez, Gordon, Green (Al). Green (Gene), Grijalva, Gutierrez, Hall (NY), Hare, Harman, Hastings (FL), Higgins, Hill, Hinchey, Hinojosa, Hirono, Hodes, Holden, Holt, Honda, Hooley, Hoyer, Hulshof, Inslee, Israel, Jackson (IL), Jackson-Lee (TX), Jefferson, Johnson (GA), Johnson (E. B.), Jones (OH), Kagen, Kanjorski, Kaptur, Kennedy, Kildee, Kilpatrick, Kind, Klein (FL), Kucinich, Langevin, Larsen (WA), Larson (CT), Lee, Levin, Lewis (GA), Lipinski, Lofgren (Zoe), Lowey, Lynch, Mahoney (FL), Maloney (NY), Markey, Matheson, Matsui, McCarthy (NY), McCollum (MN), McDermott, McGovern, McIntyre, McNerney, McNulty, Meek (FL), Meeks (NY), Melancon, Michaud, Miller (NC), Miller (George), Mollohan, Moore (KS), Moore (WI), Moran (VA), Murphy (CT), Murtha, Nadler, Napolitano, Neal (MA), Oberstar, Obey, Olver, Ortiz, Pallone, Pascrell, Pastor, Payne, Pelosi, Perlmutter, Peterson (MN), Pomeroy, Price (NC), Rahall, Rangel, Reyes, Richardson, Rodriguez, Ross, Rothman, Roybal-Allard, Ruppersberger, Rush, Ryan (OH), Salazar, Sánchez (Linda T.), Sanchez (Loretta), Sarbanes, Schakowsky,Schiff, Schwartz, Scott (GA), Scott (VA), Serrano, Shea-Porter, Sherman, Shuler, Sires, Skelton, Slaughter, Smith (WA), Snyder, Solis, Space, Speier, Spratt, Stark, Stupak, Sutton, Tanner, Tauscher, Taylor, Thompson (CA), Thompson (MS), Tierney, Towns, Tsongas, Udall (CO), Van Hollen, Velázquez, Visclosky, Walz (MN), Wasserman Schultz, Waters, Watson, Watt, Waxman, Weiner, Welch (VT), Wexler, Wilson (OH), Woolsey, Wu, Yarmuth

…then he or she doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about whether you end up paying six bucks a gallon for gas. And remember: this movement to adjourn passed by one vote: which means that they all share in the responsibility Any one of them could have voted yea to not adjourn, but they didn’t.

Consider that the next time you ask yourself, How much does one vote matter, anyway?