We're just going to nip these rumors in the bud.

Now, we know that there are now, and always have been, a good deal of nasty stories that go through the Internet. In many ways, that’s what the Internet is for, more’s the pity: and usually, the best that you can do about them is to ignore them with dignity and restraint – just like John Edwards did, at least after he emerged from the bathroom. So we have been counseled to stand tall, look people right in the eye, and sneer at this latest suggestion that we have acted in a improper fashion.

We cannot do this. Our reputation is too dear to us, and we have spent far too long fighting for it to tolerate such an underhanded attempt to demean it in such a contemptible, cowardly fashion. There are limits to how much we can be expected to stand by and meekly accept, and the recent scandalous, scurrilous libels go far over the line. So, let me state this, firmly, and for the record:RedState did not throw a party involving Senator John Kerry, drunken college girls drinking bad beer, and penis-shaped straws. (H/T Hot Air Headlines)

Not our fault.

That is not Erick Erickson.

He was at home, sober, and in bed with his own wife.

We don’t even know who that guy behind Kerry is. He just wandered in. Or so we’re guessing. He looks like he just wandered in. Braintree is like that. If it is Braintree. Which we wouldn’t know, one way or the other. Because we weren’t there.

And he doesn't owe us for the straws, either.

Now that we’ve established that, can we let the healing begin?

Moe Lane

PS: Jeff Beatty is running as the GOP candidate. Just in case you were, you know, curious or something.