In which I am in COMPLETE agreement with Glenn Greenwald.

He wants an auto-da-fe of the Blue Dog Democrats, and I for one would be happy to help. Hunt them through the halls of Congress, Glenn. Hunt them with torches and whips. Use dogs on them – or maybe cheetahs; it looks cooler, and they did that in medieval times. That’s the sort of vibe that you’re going with, right? The guttering torch, and the red-hot poker, and the thumbscrews, and the mixed smells of iron, incense, and blood: the screams from the bowels of the Capitol as your minions probe for insufficiently progressive thought; and then, the terrible purity of the pyre where your broken foes are cast into the LIVING FLAMES OF YOUR RIGHTEOUS ANGER under the pitiless gray skies…

(shaking head)

Yeah. That’ll show us.

Moe Lane

PS: You’re going to go after Ed Kilgore first, right? What? Oh; lucky guess.