Update on the latest Guide to the Perplexed...

Specifically, the Obama Victory and the Democratic White House Victory Funds. These are both joint fund-raising accounts designed to allow for contributions up to what look to be around $30,000 or more, based on this article: and the numbers match up. The difference between the two funds, by the way, is that the latter is older, and was set up between the DNC, Obama, and Clinton. The Obama Victory Fund is merely between Obama and the DNC, obviously.

In other words, the aw-shucks news is that they’ve got this money, after all. The good news is that the DNC is not getting this money on their own hook; they’re pulling it in through the assumed nominee. On their own they were lucky to double their May totals. Which is frankly a bit of a relief to hear: the thought that they had worked out their infrastructure problems on their own was probably most worrisome, from a long term perspective.

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