Blue-on-Blue Demonstrations at DNC setback: demonstrators may face critical urine shortage.

A joke.

Via Drunkblog, Gateway Pundit, and AoSHQ:

DNC concerns: Did protesters plan to throw urine?

DENVER (KJCT) — A new kind of warning has come up about protesters gearing up for the Democratic National Convention.

Denver firefighters have learned of a house full of urine being stored to throw at police. An internal memo is warning first responders that disgusting acts are a significant concern.

Protesters in other cities have used urine and feces filled balloons to throw at police and there are concerns that could happen during the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “Yes, protesters planned to throw urine.” Mostly because I really don’t want to think of some of the alternatives.

Moe Lane