Time for another translation from Obamese.

Today’s I’m-sorry,-what? comes to us from his speech in Israel:

A bit of surprise, that, considering that the US Senate Committee of Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs doesn’t number him among their members. I can only conclude that he decided that his bill – The Iran Sanctions Enabling Act of 2007, which he co-sponsored (along with a mere 15% of the Senate) – was enough of a prerequisite for him to get to be a member of the committee.

God knows it’s better evidence of participation than he’s managed with regard to his Foreign Relations Subcommittee chairmanship.

Moe Lane

PS: People wishing to complain: please make sure that you first indicate whether that was Obama being a doofus, or whether it just his scriptwriters. Please use that precise word, too. You may be peeved all you like that I’m harping on this silly, easily avoided mistake, but the price is actually admitting that one was made in the first place.