Dan beat me to the McCain Editorial thing, so here's a bit on an Obama orgy.

Hey, that was the actual title and everything.

Obama orgy By JOSEPH W. MCQUAID New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher

The blatant bias of the major national news media toward Barack Obama is now so overwhelming that it would not be worth noting, except that the election of a President of the United States is involved. It is a propaganda blitz that would make the Kremlin blush.

By election day, we fully expect John McCain to be vilified as a Vietnam-era war criminal and worse. But that is only if the networks and other major media can tear themselves away from their Obama orgy.

A recent report found that since June the nightly newscasts of NBC, CBS, and ABC combined have spent 114 minutes covering Obama. McCain got 48 minutes.

But that was before this week.

Given Dan’s latest piece, {see also Hot Air, California Yankee, AoSHQ, and no doubt more to come} – heck, given Rasmussen – this editorial is rapidly losing whatever tendency towards hyperbole that it might have ever had in the first place.