Time to get that disavowing going, guys.

The absolute nerve of the Washington GOP.

Jake Tapper has more, including a fairly hysterical (in both the “funny” and “just one step below primal screaming” meanings, although not the “utterly dismissive towards women” one) from Governor Gregoire, who used the phrase “eight years of the most divisive, fear-driven politics this country has ever seen” without visible irony. It’s odd, really. My parents are Democrats, and they read history books. Many of my teachers were Democrats, and they all read history books. I was a Democrat, and I’ve been reading history books my whole life. But it’s like I turned around and all of a sudden was in this strange universe where even quite high-placed Democrats have never heard of the election of 1824. And that’s just me picking a *nice example.

Still, let me anticipate the McCain campaign: Bad Washington GOP! Bad! No biscuit!

Moe Lane

*For that definition, we must look to Gov. Gregoire herself, who apparently is perfectly happy to retreat to 19th Century attitudes towards the trivialization of female speech when doing so suits her party. I suppose that we should be grateful that the Democratic Establishment simply didn’t decide that Michelle Obama would be more controllable if they had her thyroid gland removed…