Whoo-hoo! JibJab's got the first '08 election video.

{UPDATE} It occurred to me after posting this that the JibJab video below is actually a good example of what satire is supposed to look like (in marked contrast to, say, the infamous New Yorker cover page). If you look at the images associated with each major person (Bush, McCain, Clinton, Obama) you’ll see that they reflect what each person’s opponents actually do say about them: thus, Bush is shown as a incompetent dunce, McCain as an old warmonger, Clinton as a dirty-tricks Marxist, and Obama as a babbling political virgin. You may agree or disagree with any of those assertions, but you certainly can’t dispute that people are making them. And that’s why the JibJab video is funny, and the New Yorker cartoon was not; because the former is based on what is actually happening, and the latter is based on what the artist wished was actually happening. Or, put another way: it’s funny because it’s true. Over the top, but true.

So, the next time this comes up the New Yorker should put a picture of Obama gamboling away on a unicorn, or something. Although I can see why that would be a little too much raw truth for them to handle…

H/T Hot Air:

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Nice to see that somebody’s taking the opportunity to completely avoid not mocking Barack Obama. When you’ve got Maureen Dowd (via Instapundit) worrying about her candidate not being properly made fun of, well…