Viciously attacking Obama by quoting him accurately, 07/16/2008 edition.

Today’s edition comes from the LA Times’ blog Top of the Ticket, via Wake Up America (H/T: Instapundit)

It’s all tied up with Obama’s recent decision to memory hole his opposition to the surge, once it turned out to have actually worked. Alas for the junior Senator from Illinois, we live in The Age of Scrutiny, and nothing ever goes away. How ironic that it’s the older guy in this contest who seems to have the better strategy for dealing with this sort of thing: McCain just keeps talking to you until you’re done listening to him, and if you want to discuss any contradictions that might come up, well, obviously you’re not done listening to him, so he’ll happily keep talking to you about it. Simply pretending it never happened isn’t what you would call a viable alternative, these days; not that it’s stopping the enthusiasts in the Obama campaign from trying.For that matter, I don’t think that said enthusiasts have entirely internalized yet the notion that a lot of the media stopped writing him free passes when they realized that he lied to them about public financing. See the WaPo for the latest iteration:

The Iron Timetable Whether the war in Iraq is being lost or won, Barack Obama’s strategy remains unchanged.

BARACK OBAMA yesterday accused President Bush and Sen. John McCain of rigidity on Iraq: “They said we couldn’t leave when violence was up, they say we can’t leave when violence is down.” Mr. Obama then confirmed his own foolish consistency. Early last year, when the war was at its peak, the Democratic candidate proposed a timetable for withdrawing all U.S. combat forces in slightly more than a year. Yesterday, with bloodshed at its lowest level since the war began, Mr. Obama endorsed the same plan. After hinting earlier this month that he might “refine” his Iraq strategy after visiting the country and listening to commanders, Mr. Obama appears to have decided that sticking to his arbitrary, 16-month timetable is more important than adjusting to the dramatic changes in Iraq.

They don’t get any nicer about it, either.