Speech about Afghanistan? Sure! Boring scutwork about Afghanistan? Not so much!

Nice enough, if you have the patience to have someone urinate on your leg and call it rain for an extended length of time – I gave up at about the point where Obama started in on how no political progress has been made in Iraq – but a little presumptuous of the junior Senator from Illinois, don’t you think? After all… wait, let me just reproduce what Senator Jim DeMint had to say on the subject today in a conference call hosted by the McCain campaign. He was a bit more, ah, *comprehensive *than I was:

“Barack Obama and I are leaders of the European Subcommittee of the Foreign Relations Committee. He’s the chairman and he has the ability to have as many hearings with his choice of witnesses that he would like.

“I wrote the letter to Barack because of my concerns about Afghanistan and the fact that Afghanistan is a NATO operation, which comes under the purview of the European Subcommittee that he chairs. My trip to Afghanistan and a number of briefings here suggest some serious concerns. I believe as we’ve made progress in Iraq we’ve seen deterioration in Afghanistan. I know that McCain when he saw the problems in Iraq was able to come up with a strategy which was used by the President which has worked and I believe what McCain has put forth here for Afghanistan suggests the same type of understanding.

“My concern is not just with Barack but the committee itself and not having any hearings on Afghanistan over the last year and a half on our subcommittee — we have missed a lot opportunities to take more responsibility and to bring to public light the problems. I think most Americans would be surprised and concerned to learn of the deterioration there militarily, the increase in poppy crop and the things that have happened and the potential problems if NATO does not keep its commitment.

“So I’m calling on Senator Obama to work with me to have hearings, to help bring to light the issues in Afghanistan, to put pressure on the Administration and others to act decisively there before the situation deteriorates more.”

Of course, that would involve Senator Obama actually doing his *job *for a change – so I hope that you’re not holding your breath, Senator DeMint.