Denver to DNC Protesters: No feces, please.

In some ways, some of the comments to the article below (via Instapundit are the best part:

Rules on tools could handcuff DNC protesters Items to thwart police, like chains, would be barred

The prospect of protesters linking themselves with devices that bolt cutters can’t sever or throwing buckets of feces on police has Denver considering putting a new law on the books before the Democratic National Convention.

Demonstrators would be banned from having items such as chains, quick-setting cement, homemade locking devices that are resistant to bolt cutters and “any noxious substance,” City Council members said Monday.

…but the article itself is darkly humorous, in its way. Just for the record: if your hobby requires, or even encourages, you to use feces in order to do it properly – you need to find a different hobby. Particularly if your habit of using feces is sufficiently well-known as to trigger the passing of specific anti-feces legislation from the municipalities that you plan to visit.

I mean, really. Ick.