Anyone else have their McCain/Palin signs stolen?

My neighborhood in East Shelby County Tennessee is very conservative. Every two years as elections heat-up, yard signs for Republican candidates fill up my neighborhood. This year is no different as McCain/Palin signs quickly were quickly could be seen as soon as they were available. We also had some signs for Senator Lamar Alexander and Representative Marsha Blackburn.

This Saturday as I pulled out of my driveway yesterday morning (to go volunteer at the local GOP HQ as a matter of fact), I noticed the two McCain signs in my neighbor’s yard were gone. I looked to my left and right and noticed that all 3 of my signs were gone as well. When I drove down my street, I saw that not a single Republican sign was left on my street.I have lived in this neighborhood since my family moved to it almost 10 years ago. I’ve seen some heated countywide and statewide races (especially the last cycle’s Corker/Ford Senate race) and nothing like this has happened. An organized effort to steal yard signs before a general eletion in this part of the county is unheard of. In the more liberal areas like Midtown, maybe, but not out here.

Has anyone else had this experience this election where your safely Republican neighborhood has been invaded by the free speech-silencing Obama thug-ocracy?

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