U.S. allies poison us, politely

I’ve laid low during the election, holding in the anger and warnings knowing that neither McCain nor Obama would make much of it — and worse — that the public cared little to hear it. The Mumbai Massacre, however, has awoken my need to fight back in the small way I can. So please, read the following and understand that the biggest threat comes from not Iran, but Saudi Arabia & Pakistan – key allies in the “War on Terror” – who fund, house and support the Wahhabi-inspired terrorism embodied by Al Qaeda and its sympathizers:

Did U.S. Warn Pakistan — Not Just India — About Mumbai Attacks?” Jeff Stein, CQ Politics, 12-02-2008 Were Pakistani security forces provided with the alleged U.S. warning as well, so they could hunt down the plotters? Or did the U.S. withhold it, on grounds that Pakistani military, intelligence and security units, riddled with extremist Muslim spies, cannot be trusted?

Muddling Through After Mumbai: Are Our Leaders Better at Surviving Catastrophes Than Preventing Them? Jim Geraghty, NRO: the campaign spot, 12-02-2008 The problem is that since 9/11, the Pakistan government has bet that the Bush Doctrine was a bluff; they gambled that as long as they looked like they were trying to help, the U.S. would not hold them accountable for terror attacks planned and launched from their territory. We’re pretty sure bin Laden, Zawahiri and his deputies are in Pakistan, and we’ve just witnessed a terror attack that killed Americans that was almost certainly launched from Pakistani soil. Yet we’re not at war with Pakistan.

Haqqani on Muslim Brotherhood’s real agenda Rod Dreher, The Dallas Morning News, 12-02-2008 A binary approach (to the Cold War) was adopted, designed to contain communism by preventing Muslim countries from emerging and newly independent Muslim countries from becoming friends of the Soviets … As a result, the Saudis were becoming a key ally of the United States, while the Muslim Brotherhood were allies of the Saudis. So in the Cold War context, the Brotherhood was a ‘good guy’.

‘Team of rivals’ takes shape Christopher Hitchens, HardBall, 12-02-2008 Someone whose main clientele is the Wahhabi royal family of Saudi Arabia, who paid for the people who just blew up Bombay, I don’t think would be an ideal mediator, no.

Mumbai: Pakistan’s ISI planed, al Qaeda attacked Syed Saleem Shahzad, Asia Times, 12-02-2008 A plan by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) that had been in the pipelines for several months – even though official policy was to ditch it – saw what was to be a low-profile attack in Kashmir turn into the massive attacks on Mumbai last week.

Taliban are ‘patriots,’ says Pakistani Army official Bill Roggio, The Long War Journal, 12-01-2008 A senior Pakistani military official called two senior Taliban leaders “patriots,” signaling a shift in posture against the Taliban in the Northwest Frontier Province.

March To The Sound Of The Guns Editors, The Strategy Page, 12-01-2008 Afghan officials believe that if they can get a few (three or four) of the largest factions to accept an amnesty deal (which apparently includes comfortable exile in Saudi Arabia for the more notorious, and wanted by the United States, leaders), the lesser factions would fold in the face of overwhelming battlefield odds.

h/t National Review Online, Raw Story