Whites not Racist Enough to Aid McCain

So I was browsing through the USA Today today, where DeWayne Wickha(ck)m floored me with his outstanding insight into the Presidential race.

(W)hen voters go to the polls in November, McCain will almost certainly get a lot less than the 11% of the black vote that George W. Bush won in 2004. But as troubling as this must be for McCain, the lack of black support isn’t his race problem. It is his lack of runaway support among whites.

So McCain’s problem is that there isn’t a runaway majority of racist whites?

As with most things in this country, race matters in this election. Blacks will vote overwhelmingly for Obama because of the importance they attach to electing this nation’s first black president.

So it’s not a problem that far more than 90% of the black population is voting for Obama because “race matters”?

In the past, such a feat has not been possible in large part because of the reluctance of a significant number of whites to support the White House bid of a black candidate in either of the two major political parties.

I see… so now that there’s enough “white folk” finally enlightened enough to support a black candidate, then this important feat can finally be achieved.

It’s all tolerably blood-curdling, until this quote:

Ironically, it seems McCain’s best chance of derailing Obama’s candidacy is to make race a big issue. That appeared to be the game plan last week when his campaign accused Obama of playing racial politics, after the Democratic candidate said Republicans would try to scare voters by pointing out that he “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.” McCain used this opening to wave the bloody shirt of this nation’s long-running racial discord. By accusing Obama of playing the race card, he seeks to instill in white voters a fear that a win for Obama would be a loss for them.

So, according to this hack, McCain’s best chance is to make race an issue by pointing out the times when Obama is making race an issue, scaring white voters back into their racist ways.

Now, normally, I don’t care what goes on in the pages of USA Today, but as the election nears, I have been reading it much closer because the USA Today is ubiquitous, and most of the mushy middle will have their election opinions formed by this paper.

I bring this up because I imagine most people here have sworn off this paper, but in your day-to-day contact with normal people who don’t breathe politics, this is the nonsense that they are exposed to, even more than CNN or MSNBC. This is the paper that lies around in the breakrooms and bathroom stalls, and these are the types of opinions that voters read.